Your home caregiving resource for those with medical and cognitive changes

We specialize in 1:1 virtual home safety training, virtual driver safety training and personalized caregiver training for aging in place and fall prevention.

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There’s no better way to get personalized recommendations about your caregiving challenges

We provide expertise by observing your loved one perform daily tasks in their actual home setting. All you need is a smart phone to get started.


Virtual Home Safety Consultations

Providing the personalized strategies you need for high quality care for a loved one with medical and cognitive issues. All you need is a smart phone or computer to get started

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Virtual Driver Safety Consultation

Address your concerns about driver safety and how to manage that issue in a respectful, confidential way. We meet you either with or without the driver present.

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1:1 Caregiver

Get recommendations for personalized caregiving in the privacy of your own home. We  work with you in an ongoing way as the caregiving situation evolves.

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Successfully Care For An Aging Loved One At Home

Offering a 12-step course for motivated caregivers needing self-paced learning. Empower yourself to learn best professional caregiving practices and then apply them to your specific situation.

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Learn the best strategies to make everyday caregiving a little easier

Reduce your stress as a caregiver. Get the training and support you need from healthcare professionals who have dedicated their careers to caregiver training, fall prevention, personal care, driver safety and aging in place

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This is what makes our services unique…

Personalized Service

Get the advice you need for your unique situation. No more searching the internet for generic tips on how to select a tub seat or prevent a fall. We watch your loved one perform typical daily tasks in real time, in the home. Recommendations are based on their actual situation. You will benefit from our years of experience providing this service to home caregivers.

Peace of Mind

Consult with us when the time is right for you. We work around your busy schedule, virtually, so scheduling, infection control and privacy are never an issue.


We come to you! Do you live in a remote area or have difficulty accessing professional services? If so we bring our specialized knowledge and experience to you, in the privacy of your home with our virtual consultation model.


Meet Judy

Your Informed Caregiver

Hi, I’m Judy M Romano, The Informed Caregiver. My life as a caregiver began at the age of 7 when I began taking care of my youngest sister Nancy who was born with Down Syndrome. This paved the way for my career as an Occupational Therapist specializing in caring for adults with medical and cognitive issues.

My healthcare career has focused on professionally caring for adults with cognitive, medical, driving and home safety issues. Fall prevention, wellness and aging in place are my areas of skill and experience. I’m passionate about caregiver training using a remote service model.

More about me

“The Informed Caregiver is really committed to clients Over many years of working together I’ve never seen her get tired of helping people do the best they can”

— Claudia C, Physical Therapist

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